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AV Wedding Productions provides an entire day of professional video coverage to couples on their wedding day. We always have at least 2 people filming, and usually try to have 3 or 4 people working if the wedding is large. We strive to make each project that we work on be our best work to date and do anything and everything to make our clients satisfied with their purchase. We want our clients to be able to have an extensive collection of videos from their most important day, but at the same time we want the quality of our work to be the best possible as well. We want our clients to want to show off their wedding video to friends and family, and we want those people who watch it to be fully entertained while watching it. We edit in a style that showcases the entire day, but while having it flow smoothly for an enjoyable and entertaining viewing for anyone who watches it. There is never any time limit with our company. We will start filming as early as our clients want in the morning, all the way until the last dance of the evening We provide 3 different levels of packages for clients to help them find the one they are most comfortable in purchasing. We always promise to be the people who are working the hardest and longest throughout the day to ensure that we can make the best possible wedding video for our clients.

We will transform your wedding day into a 10-30 minute story using music, images and interviews with family and friends. We are flexible and open, always offering your guests a chance to share a touching story, a funny anecdote or a simple wish of love. We begin early in the day, and will stay as long as you like. There is NO TIME LIMIT. We hope that by the time you have watched our video you will have laughed, cried, and most important, taken away with you memories to last a lifetime.

• At least 2 professional photographers, 3 HD Cameras.

• All Day Coverage (getting ready through reception).
• DVD and Blu-Ray copies which include interactive menus along with personalized DVD cases.
• We also offer the opportunity to have your wedding video uploaded to our website for guests to watch.
• Separate disc with raw footage and interviews.
• We are willing to travel anywhere!

This video demo shows five different couples we filmed, each at different points of their experience on their wedding day.

The video shows:

a morning interview
a getting ready/ceremony
a cocktail hour/first dance
a dance montage
a reception interviews and end credits