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Not the rapper, not the singer, I’m just Nelly, the photographer!

So what is there to me?
I am Portuguese and was raised by two wonderful hard working parents in Dartmouth, MA. My mom still calls me everyday and asks me if I want food. 🙂 I’m the proud mother of two boys, Alec & Tyler. I have an amazingly beautiful little sister Kathy(she’ll always be my LITTLE sister), who is a mom to the smiliest, curly haired 3 year old that I love, nelly-photographyLilly! Friends and family mean everything to me, I met my best friend in 1st grade. My favorite food is yes pizza, but not just any pizza, It has to be Brick Oven Pizza. Everyone laughs but I swear diet Canada Dry is my fix for every stomach ailment. There is nothing wrong with a nice big fruity glass of red sangria. Coffee in the morning, peppermint tea at night. I love fashion, I subscribe to at least 10 magazines a month which someday I swear I’ll get to read. My favorite stores to shop at are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Calvin Klein and Express, but if I could afford it they would be more like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Armani and the list goes on, but who doesn’t dream of that? I’m a shoe junkie. Nothing wrong with a pair of 4″ heels, or a comfortable pair of leather riding boots. I WILL make it to Paris and the Italian Coast in the next 5 years. My celebrity crush is Hugh Jackman. Music by Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli calm my soul, but my music library and collection would surprise you. My favorite season is fall, I adore the crisp air and colors, and lets not forget warm apple pies. My ideal vacation would not be a week on a beach, although I would love that, I could see restlessness setting in after 3 days. Instead, walking through the narrow streets of Europe, shopping and people watching while drinking an espresso sounds more appealing.

There is so much more to me of course, and to you. I hope we get the opportunity to learn more about each other by working together. Make an appointment and come check out our fabulous studio space, you’ll love the chandelier, everyone does!