Remembrance Hill Carriages LLC

36 Slater St

Rehoboth, MA 02769

Phone: 508 223-9642

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Remembrance Hill Carriages provides horse drawn carriages for weddings and special events.  We are  available to serve New England locations with a selection of  antique or modern vehicles.  Our selection of carriages allows you to pick your presentation.

cinderella-carriageFrequently Asked Questions

What happens if it rains?
If you cancel due to inclement weather the day before we refend your deposit. Otherwise, you have the option of using the “covered top”.

What is the least expensive carriage to book?
The customer can pick any carriage, we charge the same price.

How much does it cost for a carriage?
The mileage and degree of difficulty of every event is different, which effects the price charged. Our minimum is $600, for local events not requiring trailering.

1904-carriageDo you do Indian weddings?
Not at the present time?

We only need the carriage for 15 minutes. How much is that?
The amount of work to turn out a team and carriage is overwhelming. It takes the same effort for a 5 minute ride as a 4 hour ride. Prorating is not practical with horses.

Are the horses friendly?
Yes, they love people, carrots and pats on their necks.

How can horses pull what seems to be a large carriage?
The very large wheels make pulling the carriage easy.

amish-carriage-horsesWhat breed are your horses?
Standardbreds. We love the breed because:
They have a very docile nature.
Are safe & sane to be around.
Are professionaly trained for harness.
They can travel long distances at trot.
They are commonly used as Amish buggy horses.